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Hi everyone, my names is Patricia Porta and I am part of bell-ringer group of Albaida. Our town, Albaida, has the peculiarity of being the unique place which keep ringing the bells, manually, since thirteenth century. Currently, we are working on the development of the International Museum of the Manual bell ringing – MitMac - and on this project, the Carillon is an essential part.


Hi everyone, my names is Manuel Ramos and I am part of bell-ringer group of Albaida. Our town, Albaida, has the peculiarity of being the unique place which keep ringing the bells, manually, since thirteenth century. Currently, we are working on the development of the International Museum of the Manual bell ringing – MitMac - and on this project, the Carillon is an essential part.


Hi everyone, my names is Estefanía Gil and I am part of bell-ringer group of Albaida. Our town, Albaida, has the peculiarity of being the unique place which keep ringing the bells, manually, since thirteenth century. Currently, we are working on the development of the International Museum of the Manual bell ringing – MitMac - and on this project, the Carillon is an essential part.


Hi everyone, my names is Salvador Jordá and I am part of bell-ringer group of Albaida. Our town, Albaida, has the peculiarity of being the unique place which keep ringing the bells, manually, since thirteenth century. Currently, we are working on the development of the International Museum of the Manual bell ringing – MitMac - and on this project, the Carillon is an essential part.


Hi everyone, my names is Remei Arevalo and I am part of bell-ringer group of Albaida. Our town, Albaida, has the peculiarity of being the unique place which keep ringing the bells, manually, since thirteenth century. Currently, we are working on the development of the International Museum of the Manual bell ringing – MitMac - and on this project, the Carillon is an essential part.


Hi everyone, my names is Antonio Berenguer and I am part of bell-ringer group of Albaida. Our town, Albaida, has the peculiarity of being the unique place which keep ringing the bells, manually, since thirteenth century. Currently, we are working on the development of the International Museum of the Manual bell ringing – MitMac - and on this project, the Carillon is an essential part.

Bertrand Ollé-Guiraud

Bertrand Ollé-Guiraud is first of all a Conservatory student, and a treble soloist of Toulouse Cathedral (Southern France). He quickly comes to choir direction at 13, organ at 15 and carillon at 23 — juste before graduating as Electrical Engineer — later on to orchestra leading. He sings in operas since 1994.

From Pierre Thuriès, last traditional carillonneur and "campanié" (ringer) at St-Joseph Church (Toulouse), he learns in 1996 the seven traditional bell ringings, telling the story of martyr St Saturnin (in 250 A.D.) — they were played along the 14 carillons in the city and all over Languedoc and even beyond, at the ringer bench with 6 ropes and pedals, separate form the keyboard. Member of both Société française de campanologie and Carillons en Pays d'Oc, Bertrand Ollé-Guiraud records in 2004 the sound of the carillon of the St-Sernin basilica, a roman jewel, as well as these antique ringings that fascinated the French composer Déodat de Séverac in the turn of the XIXth to XXth century.

Alongside Eric Brottier, starting with an immersion in the Cornille-Havard foundry in 1998, he works on the restoration of several protected bells and carillons. As a computer scientist, he initiates a new numeric way of analyzing bells. He also builds the online database RECIF, gathering the bells recorded by the members of the SFC.

Both as an engineer and musician, Bertrand Ollé-Guiraud advises today Toulouse Métropole for its campanary heritage, as downtown aims at UNESCO World Heritage Site label by 2024. In addition to the restoration of its numerous carillons (from 9 to 19 bells), the city rediscovers its gracious flipping bells in its wall bell towers, called "Demoiselles de Louison", additional medieval bells, and the different specific sounds and antique ringings throughout the town, so that the people can get his bells and carillons back after such a long sleep. He lately established the genealogy of the Toulousain bell founders Louison-Pèlegrin-Lévêque in the XIXt

OLLé-GUIRAUD, Bertrand
Ray McLellan

University Carillonneur at Michigan State University, East Lansing. Also work as a church and synagogue organist/pianist and director. Have been a carillonneur member of the GCNA since 1991. I earned a BA degree at Florida Southern College, in Lakeland, and MM and DMA degrees from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the WCF Congress in Barcelona and to visiting Barcelona again after more than 30 years.

Mathieu Daniel Polak

Mathieu Daniel Polak attended the Dutch Carillon School in Amersfoort.
He obtained his Master in 2000 with a specialization in carillon education.
Since the graduation in 2000, he is a teacher at the Netherlands Carillon Center in
Mathieu won prizes for carillon playing at international carillon competitions in
Hamburg (Germany) and Enkhuizen (the Netherlands). He gave carillon recitals in Japan, Denmark, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and the USA.
Since 2008, he is the carillonneur of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Moreover, since 2003 Mathieu Polak is carillonneur of Spakenburg.
Mathieu Daniel Polak holds two Master Degrees in composition namely from the
Lemmens Institute Leuven (2013) and from the Utrecht School of the Arts (2010).
Every year at the Tsunami Memorial Day in Japan, his carillon composition Mer de
Larmes (Sea of Tears) is played at the carillon of Itami.
For the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague (Netherlands) Polak composed a carillon piece called Bells change the World which is based on the melody Gaudeamus Igitur. He plays this piece every year at the Dies Natalis of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Polak’s composition Fleurs de Cerisier (Cherry Blossom) for wind quintet was awarded the third prize at the Coma Maastricht composition
competition in 2011 and Puppy Love for horn was awarded the third prize at the composition competition IVME Antwerp 2011.
Polak studied piano with Alwin Bar and Ton Hartsuiker at the Conservatory of Utrecht.
Since graduating in 1997, he is a pianist at various ballet schools and is a private teacher piano.

POLAK, Mathieu Daniel
Eduard Marien

Eddy Mariën received his first lessons in piano and carillon from his stepfather Jef Rottiers. He completed his piano studies at the conservatory of Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium, and studied subsequently at the Royal Carillon School “Jef Denyn”, where he teaches now. At the Lemmens Institute in Leuven he obtained the degree of Master of Music. He gave master classes at the Yale University (USA), at the National Palace of Mafra (Portugal) and at the Carillon School of Denmark.

He is the city carillonneur of Mechelen, Leuven and Halle as well as the carillonneur of Meise, where he was the initiator and advisor of the new carillon. He was invited to give recitals and lectures in Europe, America, New-Zealand and Australia. He recorded several CDs such as Romantische Beiaardmuziek, Carillon and Guitar and Beiaardmuziek van Jef Rottiers. At the international carillon competitions of Nijmegen (1989) and Berlin (1991) he won the first prize. Now he is invited regularly as member of the jury in national and international competitions and exams.

Being a promoter for combining carillon with other instruments, he was the first to perform with guitar and with vibraphone. He plays quatre-mains in the American-European carillon duo Campana Nova with Thomas Lee.

MARIEN, Eduard
Adriana Quintas

Adriana Quintas (º2001) started her musical studies at the age of six at the "Associação Filarmónica Montalvense" in Montalvo, Portugal. She started by studying the piano and at the age of seven she also becames a clarinet student. She already finished the fifth grade of music studies.

Since September 2015, she is a carillon student at the CICO's Music School in Constância, Portugal, and a member of TINTINNABVLVM®, a medieval and renaissance music group formed by teachers, students and alumni of CICO's Music School.

On July 30, 2016 she performed a recital-examination for her first grade of carillon performance during the 1st International Festival for the Carillon and the Organ in Constância.

QUINTAS, Adriana
Joyce   Mair

Seventeen years of accompanying Ian on his varied recital journeys (Dunfermline to Bruges) have made me familiar with many types of carillon, the hard work and patience involved in arranging works for performance, and the sheer effort to reach and maintain such a high standard  -  a fascinating and exhilarating experience indeed, and our carillon library has grown to several thousand pieces.

Naturally I hope to explore some of the architectural glories of Barcelona, to encounter the Catalan language and to enjoy the local delicacies, but principally I am eagerly looking forward to meeting and hearing the world's finest carillonneurs!

MAIR , Joyce
Emily Moody

Emily Moody has been the Performing Arts Assistant Manager at Longwood Gardens in the USA for over thirteen years. She assists with programming performing arts events and oversees the resident instruments including The Longwood Organ, The Longwood Steinway Grand Piano and 62-bell Carillon. At Longwood Gardens, Emily programs all ticketed and free organ concerts, carillon concerts and family programming. Emily created the Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition in 2013 where ten young organists from around the world competed on The Longwood Organ for a $40,000 first prize, the largest cash prize of any organ competition in the world. In 2016, Emily created the Longwood Organ Academy, a week-long residential summer intensive program providing students the opportunity to study organ transcriptions on one of the world’s largest symphonic organs. Emily manages a part-time staff of over twenty and oversees the guest experience at performing arts events from set up to execution. Emily organizes master classes and oversees the production of all recordings on The Longwood Organ and Carillon. Emily also hosted the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America Congress in 2009 at Longwood Gardens and will host the World Carillon Federation Congress in 2020.

MOODY, Emily
Rachel Perfecto

I'm originally from New York and started playing the carillon as a member of the Yale Guild of Carillonneurs. After graduating from Yale, I began studying at the Royal Carillon School 'Jef Denyn' with the support of the Belgian American Educational Foundation. There, I studied carillon with Eddy Mariën and graduated with greatest distinction in June 2016.

I'm a carillonneur member of the GCNA and a member of the GCNA Bulletin Committee. I currently study musicology at KU Leuven, Belgium, and continue to play carillon as a freelancer. I am also active as an oboist, organist, and conductor.

If you are interested in arranging for carillon or learning more about arranging, please let me know. For my thesis at the Royal Carillon School, I wrote a guide to arranging for the carillon, which I plan to make available next year as an interactive website.

Elizabeth Gebruers

Wife of carillonneur Adrian Gebruers, I have spent 47 years listening at the base of bell-towers! Thank you to the carillon world for all the good friends made over that time.

GEBRUERS, Elizabeth
Adrian Gebruers

I owe much, if not my very existence, to my paternal Flemish grandmother’s passion for American cowboy and gangster films; since when my father Staf was offered a carillonneur position in the U.S., Grandmamma deemed it such an unsafe country for her son that she strongly discouraged him from heading for New York! The second option was Carillonneur of St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh (Queenstown) on the southern Irish coast, which tenure he took up in 1924 and whom I was to succeed in 1970.

We’ve been holding a summer carillon recital season in Cobh for many years, 2017 being our 90th, and it’s also been our pleasure to welcome guest recitalists from throughout the carillon world. In addition, we had the privilege of hosting the XIII World Carillon Congress in Cobh and University College Cork in 2002 and the IX Eurocarillon Festival in 2003.

For my part, I’ve had the honour of being guest recitalist on so many wonderful carillons throughout Europe, North America and Australasia and President of the World Carillon Federation from 1998 to 2006. I may also hold the distinction of being the only carillonneur to have been made a Papal Knight of the Order of St Gregory the Great!

As ever, I look forward to attending this next World Congress, to meeting up again with old friends and hopefully making many new ones. We carillonneurs and carillon aficionados are so fortunate in being members of this unique international club! But let us never forget that in any carillon recital audience inevitably there are people who are hearing what for them is a most unusual instrument for the first time. That places a responsibility on carillonneurs to play listener-friendly music and arrangements which will not deter these “baffled listeners” but rather entice them to come back to subsequent recitals and in time become carillon devotees themselves.

Marjorie Zimmerman

For over 50 years, Margie Zimmerman has been listening and following Carl Zimmerman as he plays the carillon and explores bell towers throughout North America. I am looking forward to seeing all our carillon friends again and getting to explore Barcelona.

Carl Zimmerman

Carl Scott Zimmerman learned to play the carillon at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. He then studied with Ronald Barnes at the University of Kansas, and became a Carillonneur member of the GCNA in 1962. He was for many years Chairman of the GCNA Special Committee on Tower and Carillon Statistics, and twice served on the Board of Directors of the Guild. He is now the Webmaster for

For the WCF, he was an American representative on the first international keyboard standardization committee, in the early 1970s. Since the Congress at Groningen, he has been Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee.

Dennis Curry

Dennis Curry has served as Kirk in the Hills’s Carillonneur for 28 years, and was appointed Oakland University’s first Carillonneur in 2015. Dennis was honored to be consultant and dedicatory recitalist for the new Elliott Carillon Tower where he performs weekly recitals there every Friday at noon. His carillon studies began with Dr. Frederick Marriott, and he advanced to Carillonneur member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America in 1989.

A past President of the GCNA for 6 years, Dennis has also served on the Board of Directors for over 10 years and as juror on the Guild’s Student Examination Committee. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the World Carillon Federation, having served as Treasurer, Secretary and Vice-President.

In 2001, he hosted the GCNA Congress at the Kirk, which honored the centennials of Percival Price and Frederick Marriott. He supervised the formation of the Marriott Memorial Library and the complete renovation of the Kirk carillon – the world’s largest (77 bells).

In 2011, he hosted the joint GCNA and WCF World Congress in Michigan, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the GCNA – which was the largest gathering of carillonneurs in the 500-year history of the carillon instrument. And in 2014, he hosted the Midwest Regional Carillon Conference on the newest carillon in the world at Oakland University.

Dennis has performed on every continent, except Antarctica! An advocate for promoting the carillon art and building community awareness, Dennis has premiered and commissioned several carillon works, and established the Todd Fair Memorial Collection for scholarly research and student study at Oakland University.

CURRY, Dennis
An Lommelen

I'm carillonneur in Genk (Belgium), and I'm regularly playing on the University Carillon of Leuven.
I studied in the Carillon School in Mechelen, graduated in 2007.
Already as students, I started to play 4-mains with Dina Verheyden.

I like the carillon as a musical voice of the city and I love to make music for a diverse public.

And my youngest daughter, Bieke (10 months), is accompanying me.

Dina de Waardt - Verheyden

At the age of thirteen, I discovered the carillon and started to play it. And now, it is my pleasure to make other people (adults and chilldren) familiar with this beloved instrument as a carillon-teacher at the royal carillon school in Mechelen. I also am the director of Akabella, handbell-ensemble of the carillon school. This enthousiastic group of handbellplayers consists of students and alumni of the school. Together with my husband, Richard de Waardt (city-carilloneur of Rotterdam, NL), we develop musical stories around the carillons to make this instrument better known to young and a bit less young listeners. We also play our own compositions, tango and chansons in Kampa Kampa!, where Richard is playing beautifully the accordion, and I am playing clarinet and singing (I got a master for solo singing and teaching at the Lemmensinstiture in Leuven). Our son, Rune de Waardt (6 years old), is also a happy participant of the congress.

Richard de Waardt

Hello! My name is Richard de Waardt. I come to the congress with my wife Dina (teacher at the carillon school Mechelen), my father Gerard (Carillonneur in Maassluis/Tholen/Schiedam/Smerdiek) and my son Rune, who is too young to play the carillon, but he'll start contrabass lessons in September. I'm the carillonneur of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A beautiful city to play with a great carillon history and famous carillonneurs, like Leen 't Hart and Ferdinand Timmermans. There I play three beautiful instruments. A concertcarillon on city hall (P&F;), a Hemony carillon in the Laurenschurch, and a charming small carillon in Delfshaven. In Rotterdam I like to experiment with new formula's with the carillons. I'm very interested to find out what the function of our wonderful instrument can be in today's society. Why does it still exist? What can it contribute to a city? How do you reach your audience? How do you build networks and a solid carillon-culture in your city and how can you combine high-quality tasteful musical concerts with a broad audience, with different age- and interestgroups? I like composing and arranging for the instrument and experimenting with new techniques to see and hear what works. Together with my wife Dina I create musical stories for children, where we include the carillon. We also play in the band Kampa Kampa. Dina sings and plays the clarinet and I play the accordion. See For more info about the Rotterdam carillons and special projects with the Rotterdam carillons:

DE WAARDT, Richard
Ana Carolina Vélo

I come from Portugal and I am a carillon student at the CICO's Music School in Constância, Portugal. My carillon teacher has been the carillonist Ana Elias.

A few years ago, I became a founding-member of TINTINNABVLVM®, a medieval and renaissance music group.

I am very excited to participate in such an important event as the 19th World Carillon Congress because I am very young in the "Carillon World". So, this Congress will help me to acquire new ideas, a lot of information and knowledge for my future as a musician/carillonist.

VéLO, Ana Carolina
Alexandre Felício

I'll travel to Barcelona as a logistics technician (aka “roady”) of the LVSITANVS Carillon, as well as chair of CICO’s General Assembly.

I'm a Mining Engineer (Process Engineer) at the Neves-Corvo Mine (the largest copper mine in Western Europe, located in the South of Portugal), which also explored tin in the past.

Despite being married to Ana Elias, I have no talent for performing music...only to listen!​

FELíCIO, Alexandre
Alberto Elias

Alberto Elias (º1944, Tramagal, Portugal) is co-founder and president of the Board of Directors of CICO - International Center for the Carillon and the Organ. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master of Science in Project and Mechanical Construction from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal. Alberto possesses a Bachelor of Science in Machinery Engineering from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. In the field of Campanology, Alberto has experience as a researcher of manufacturing optimization and standardization processes for carillons. He was a mentor and coordinator/consultant for the Pastorinhos Carillon in Alverca, Portugal, and for the CICO’s travelling carillon: the LVSITANVS Carillon.

Alberto has also been a consultant for the installation of new carillons, as well as for the restoration or replacement of existing carillons. Alberto was a lecturer at several carillon congresses, including the 16th World Carillon Congress in Groeningen, The Netherlands and the Midwest Regional Carillonneurs’ Conference in Springfield, Illinois, USA. As a Design and Drafting Engineer of Mechanical Systems, Alberto developed and applied his knowledge in a number of areas in the heavy machinery industry, including work safety, agriculture, geological prospection and civil construction, transportation operations, and energy production. Moreover, he was responsible for the mechanical design and drafting of big machinery, such as harbor, naval, and shipyard cranes, heavy and light load winches. In the education field, Alberto was a university computer sciences professor and a high-school mathematics teacher. In Portugal, Alberto is a carillon promoter, establishing contacts with several public and private entities. As a result, he has been featured in numerous press releases in regional and national media.

ELIAS, Alberto
Ana Elias

Ana Elias (1974, Lisbon, Portugal) is carillonist, co-founder, music director, and teacher at the CICO – International Center for the Carillon and the Organ. Ana obtained her music diploma, with emphasis in Piano, from the Gregorian Institute of Lisbon, Portugal. She graduated with “Great Distinction” from the ‘Jef Denyn’ Royal Carillon School in Mechelen, Belgium and obtained her Master of Music degree in Carillon from the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven, Belgium. At the Mechelen Conservatory, Ana earned her Organ diploma with “Great Distinction”. Moreover, she possesses a Master of Mining and Geological Engineering degree from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ana has also been recognized with several awards, including a second prize at the International Carillon Contest ‘Queen Fabiola’ in Mechelen. Ana and her sister, Sara Elias, were the winners of a prize that recognizes young Portuguese people; the mission of this prize is to “give expression to potential new Portuguese values through projects that are innovative and relevant to the Portuguese society”. Ana and Sara’s project envisioned the promotion of the carillon, its music and the art of playing it, and foresaw acquiring a travelling carillon: the LVSITANVS Carillon.

Ana has played numerous carillon recitals in her native Portugal, as well as in several other countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and in the U.S.A., and has been an invited performer and lecturer at diverse international carillon gatherings and festivals. Her carillon playing can be heard on a Portuguese CD, which she recorded with her sister at the Clérigos Carillon in Porto, Portugal, on the occasion of Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture. Together, Ana and her sister Sara form the carillon duo Lvsitanvs©, which has the distinction of being the only one with two sisters as performers

Ian Cassells

Ian Cassells from Edinburgh (City Carillonneur, Perth, Scotland, & freelance). I was born next to the bell tower of Dunfermline Abbey in Fife in 1945 & studied music with my Father (a pupil of Sir Donald Tovey) to whom I owe an immeasurable debt. Educated at George Watson's College, Edinburgh, and Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, where I did my doctoral research & went on to teach. Despite lifelong ambition to play the carillon, it was only later in life that opportunity arose, first at St Andrews (Fife) then Dundee & from 1995 in Perth. Since then I have given recitals from Lerwick to Loughborough. My special carillon interests are arranging & composition; I am currently President of the British Carillon Society. My principal other interests are: friends, languages (ancient & modern), conchology, gardening (especially ferns) reading & walking. I enjoy playing the carillon & have derived much inspiration from my other instruments (organ, renaissance winds & harp) & find great interest in seeing what chimes & carillons of varying sizes can produce. I am much looking forward to the Barcelona event, hoping to meet friends there, make new friends & hear great music. I am so fortunate that my dear Joyce is able to share the occasion. In the XVI & XVII centuries Scotland had the special, perhaps unique privilege of having instruments designed in Flanders & Netherlands. In fact the very first carillon in Great Britain was in Edinburgh; Scotland is still a treasure house of Flemish bells. So my programme includes works from Scotland's brief but golden renaissance, along with some contemporary pieces to illustrate that the precious link is still alive - & of course some Spanish flavour as a tribute to my hosts!

Stuart Field

I am accompanying my friend Marleen Brutyn. I live on a boat in London. I have listened to carillons in various cities, but can only play to a fairly basic level. I speak English, Dutch, German, plus a little French and Spanish.

FIELD, Stuart
Peter Langberg

PETER LANGBERG, R. (Born 21.08.1945) Educated as organist, music teacher, choir director and harpsichord playing from The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen. Organ debutconcert from the soloistclass in 1970. Additional organstudies with Gaston Litaize in Paris and carillon playing at The French Carillon School in Douai, with Jacques Lannoy. Diploma as "Maître Carillonneur" avec "Medaille d'Or" in 1981.

Honorary member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America. Pastpresident of the Danish Guild of Carillonneurs, and Past Vice-President of World Carillon Federation. Former teacher in organ playing at The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music and The Institute for Blind. Founded in 1979 The School of Church Music in Løgumkloster and the Scandinavian Carillon School. Director of the school during 30 years until 2009, and he is now teacher in Music Theory, piano, organ and carillon playing. Former City Carillonneur at King Frederick IX carillon in Løgumkloster, and now carillonneur in ”Our Saviours Church” in Copenhagen and Århus City Hall.

He has played noumerous organ- and carillonconcerts in European contries, and made 33 concerttours in USA. He has played several recordings for organ solo – among this all the organ works of César Franck - organ and flute, carillon and for two organists. He has written compositions for choir, organ solo, organ duet, carillon, piano voice and viola. He became knighted by the Danish Queen Margrethe II on January 8, 2007 as ”Ridder af Dannebrog”, R.


Andreas Friedrich is a retired Swiss career diplomat and amateur carillonneur and organist. He studied with Arie Abbenes and Todd Fair in Amersfoort. From 1990 till 1994, he played the 59 bells Swiss travelling carillon "Papageno" before it was sold.

Today, he still plays regularly in Zofingen and Carouge and occasionally on other instruments in Switzerland and abroad. During his missions for the Swiss government he visited carillons in more than 25 countries and played recitals on all five continents, often for the participants in international meetings (New York, Ottawa, Oslo, Canberra, El Escorial, Cape Town).

In 1991, he founded the Guild of Carillonneurs and Campanologists of Switzerland (GCCS). He was president of the GCCS 1991-1999 and 2005-2012 and is still the editor of and a regular contributor to the periodical CAMPANAE HELVETICAE published by the GCCS. He was a member of the WCF EC 1992-2008, chairman of the WCF Statutes Committee 1994-1998 and vice-president of the WCF 2000-2008.

Ada Boerma

As president of the NKV (Dutch Carillon Society) I am new in the world of carillons and carillonists. This doesn't mean that I wasn't interessed in the carillons. My husband tought me "carillons are, next to windmills and dikes, one of the greatest contributions of the Low Countries to the world heritage".

The challenge is to preserve and to pass on the culture, the knowledge and the love of the carillons to next generations. Looking forward to meet you in Barcelona!

Edward Grantham

One of the honorary carillonists at Sydney University since 1962 Vice president of the Carillon Society of Australia Composer of many original works and arrangements B.Mus. M.Mus A.Mus.A B.Th Th.Schol M.A.(Theol)

Veronica Lambert

Veronica has been an honorary carillonist at Sydney University since 2009 and is Treasurer of Carillon Society of Australia. Having had such a wonderful time at the Queen Fabiola competition and WCF Congress in Belgium 3 years ago I am so excited to be again meeting friends made then and listening to beautiful carillon music.

LAMBERT, Veronica
Leslie Chan

I am a student carillonist at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, studying with University Carillonist Jeff Davis. I perform weekly at the Sather Tower, teach carillon through the student-run democratic education program, and help run the Berkeley Carillon Guild. I also play violin and piano and was an Emerson Scholar and Arts Scholar at MIT. Outside of music, I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering researching the synthesis and defect engineering of two-dimensional materials for electronics applications. I come to Barcelona excited to learn from everyone and get more involved with the carillon community. Look forward to meeting you there!

CHAN, Leslie
Tiffany Ng

I'm professor of carillon at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, where we offer master's degrees in carillon performance. My specialties are interactive, networked, and experimental carillon projects, as well as musicology.

Please visit our website to see the campanology symposium, Hack the Bells contest, and world premieres I'm organizing for 2017. I love Barcelona and can't wait to see many of you again, and to meet new colleagues!

NG, Tiffany

Formée à Tourcoing et à Douai dans les classes de carillon des conservatoires de ces 2 villes dirigées alors par M.Jacques Lannoy, co-fondateur de cette Fédération Mondiale du Carillon. Diplômée Maître-Carillonneur de l'Ecole Française de carillon en 1986.

Je suis depuis 1989 carillonneuse à la cathédrale de Pamiers sur un carillon Paccard de 4 octaves et professeur de carillon au Conservatoire Communal de Musique de Pamiers où je suis également professeur de Formation Musicale. Je joue également des handbells dans le groupe "Les Sonneurs du Midi" et préside depuis 30 ans l'Association "Carillons en Pays d'Oc" qui rassemble tous les carillonneurs du sud de la France. Membre de la Guilde des Carillonneurs de France et de la Société Française de Campanologie.

VANHOUTTE, Christine
Elisabeth Debevere

I am City Carilloneur of Nieuwpoort, Belgium since January 2004. I am also organist of the beautifull Saint Bernardus Churche at the coast side. In march I started to conduct a little choir, with people of Nieuwpoort. It's allready a choir with almost 30 members.

My thesis "Grasduinen in de geschiedenis van Nieuwpoort" (Browse trew the history of the Carillon of Nieuwpoort) has been published in a book by the City of Nieuwpoort. In 2014, for the celebration of the 10th birthay of my nomination as carilloneur of the city, and because the carillon had a large revision, there was the release of my Cd "Con Carillon Novus Portus".

My passion is to play the carillon and make people happy with that. I hope also to reach more people with the carillon music. I want to come to Barcelona to meet the colleges and make new "carillon friends".

DEBEVERE, Elisabeth
Sinikka Honkanen

My first bells were Handbells, 3-octave Schulmerich, and I started Handbell team Sonus in Finland 1990. In 2006 I made the klokkenist exam at the Scandinavian Carillon School.

I work as an organist in Vantaankoski Congregation and this winter in Gran Canaria for finnish people here. I am so much looking forward to see you all and listen to great concerts in the beautiful settings of Barcelona.

Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas, carillonneur suisse, aime le carillon, musique des cloches dans le ciel. Il a fait un formation professionnelle musicale d'orgue à Lausanne et a suivi ensuite des cours de carillon à l'école de carillonneurs à Amersfoort en 1996-1998 (Hollande) et à Mechelen en 1999-2000 (Belgique). Il est carillonneur titulaire à l‘église de Chantemerle à Pully (Lausanne) depuis 1999, carillon de 48 cloches, 4 octaves, depuis mai 2014. Il anime aussi depuis avril 2015 le carillon de l'Abbaye de St-Maurice, 49 cloches. Il est membre du comité (trésorier) de la Guilde des Carillonneurs et Campanologues Suisses.

Il est en train de faire construire un carillon de 50 cloches à l'Abbaye de Montheron, qui permettra de donner des cours de carillon, ce carillon étant prévu pour jouer avec un jeu doux en intérieur (pour les cours et concerts en intérieur) et avec un jeu plus fort pour les concerts en extérieur.

Il participe aussi à un projet de nouveau carillon de trois octaves dans la tour de l'Abbaye de Bellelay dans le canton du Jura. Il a pour projet de développer l'art du carillon en Suisse Romande, et de former plus de carillonneurs.

THOMAS, Daniel
Vegar Sandholt

I am the carillonneur in Bærum City Hall close to Oslo, choral conductor and organist at Saint Olav Catholic Cathedral in Oslo. I conduct Romerike Vocal Ensemble and arrange concerts and cultural events in my native town Eidsvoll to the north of Oslo, where I now live with my partner Rune and our dog Jack.

In 1999 I was asked to take up the post as carillonneur in Oslo City Hall. This led me into the art of the carillon, new music and friends in the carillon world. In April 2005 I completed my diploma after studying carillon at The Scandinavian Carillon School in Denmark. I gained the distinction maïtre carillonneur and was granted a two-year scholarship at the soloist class. I handed the keys atop Oslo City Hall over to my former student and now colleague Laura in 2013, now having time to focus on Bærum City Hall and as a freelance carillonneur.

On behalf of Nordic Guild of Campanology and Carillon, I was the congress host for the World Carillon Congress 2004 that took place in Oslo under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sonja. I was elected as the president of the guild in 2016. Looking forward to see you in Barcelona!

Linda Dzuris

I'm University Carillonneur and Professor of Music in the Department of Performing Arts at Clemson University in South Carolina. B.M., M.M., and D.M.A. degrees in organ performance and church music are from the University of Michigan. Carillon study was also done in Ann Arbor, MI, with additional study at The Netherlands Carillon School in Amersfoort, NL.  

Clemson is looking to partner with another institution for semester-long music student exchanges. To learn more about our performing arts center, see and let's talk face to face in Barcelona!

Pascaline Latour

Daughter of a carillonneur, I always loved bells. I grew up in Rouen (France) where we now have a beautiful, fully restored, 64-bells Paccard carillon. Since I was a child, I took part to many carillon events such as the Journées Franco-Belges or the annual meetings of the Guilde des Carillonneurs de France. I also went to WCC in Cobh 2002 and in Gdansk 2006.
Now that the carillon in Rouen is fully functioning again, I am learning how to play it with my father Patrice Latour, who is currently president of the french national association - even if I live in Paris most of the time. In real life, I am a recorder and piano teacher, and I also play the accordion with the Paris Band of Scottish Country Dancing, as well as the handbells with the ensemble Quatuor Pyrgos.

LATOUR, Pascaline
Ria Verlaenen

Partner of Marc Van Eyck since 1985, expert in listening and assisting adjusting carillons, WCF/GCNA congresses: Chambéry, Cobh, Oslo, Springfield (IL), Yale, Brugge/Antwerpen and Leuven/Mechelen.

Marc Van Eyck

Short introduction: Carillonneur of Sint-Geertrui Leuven since 1997. Final diploma Royal Carillon School Jef Denyn Mechelen (2001) Main publication: Quality Standard for new Carillons (2001). Inventor of the Vema system (manual adjustable curved cranks and dito springs.) Consultant renovation carillon Oudenaarde (2012).

Project manager new Aarschot Peace carillon (2017-2018). Board member of the Royal Carillon School Jef Denyn Mechelen and Campanae Lovanienses. Master's degree in commercial and financial sciences EHSAL Brussels(1984).

Always the same question: "wat zal de beiaard spelen?" (=who is listening?)

Marleen Brutyn

I have been a carillon listener for 27 years, mostly in Brugge (Bruges), where I live. Sometimes I go to listen to carillons in other cities. In 2014 I compiled a book with 50 poems for carillon from different poets,

"Muziek van een helblauw blad. 50 odes aan klokken, klokkenpelen en klokkenspelers".

The strange thing is that everyone can hear the carillon in our cities and yet the carillon at the same time seems to have sometimes an anonymous existence.

My proposals are: to ensure that every child / young person is informed of the existence of the carillon culture to organise in all towns once a year a carillon weekend, with the carillon getting played every second hour of the day (e.g. 9.00 - 10.00 am, 11.00 - 12.00 am, 1.00 - 3.00 pm, etc.)

BRUTYN, Marleen
Geneviève Lontie

Madame Geneviève Lontie accompagne Véronique en sa qualité de soeur et de mélomane avertie. Licenciée en sciences mathématiques et professeur retraitée.

LONTIE, Geneviève
Véronique Lontie

Diplômée de l'institut de Musique et de Pédagogie de Namur (Belgique), option orgue, et du Conservatoire Royal de Mons, (diplôme supérieur en 1992). Pour le carilon, élève du Maître Edmond Devos (Liège, Namur) et a reçu les conseils du Maître Aimé Lombaert (Bruges).

Elle est organiste professionnelle à Soignies et professeur de carillon à l'Académie de Musique de la même ville, et ce depuis octobre 2000.

Madame Véronique Lontie a déjà participé au congrès de la FMC en Irlande en 2002.

LONTIE, Véronique
Jutta Strothmann

Jutta Strothmann is the wife of carillonneur Gunther Strothmann, she belongs to the very important Kiel carillon team, that is working at the base of the bell-tower to prepaire the best conditions for all the auditorium.

Gunther Strothmann

Gunther Strothmann was appointed a carillonneur at the Carillon of the Kiel Monastery (Kiel, Germany) in 1999 with 50 bells.

From the beginning he was fascinated by the musical possibilities of the instrument and learned playing the instrument by self-studies. He also received training by the "Deutsche Glockenspielvereinigung".

Since his appointment as a carillionneur, he has endeavored to make the German public aware of the instrument: by playing original compositions, chorales, arrangements and own carillon compositions. He won many internationally renowned carillonneurs to come to play in Kiel. Thus, the number of listeners has been increasing year by year.

Gunther Strothmann has given concerts not only regularly in Kiel, but also in other cities of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark and the USA. In 2013 he was elected one of the delegates of the "Deutsche Glockenspielvereinigung".

Dr. med. Gunther Strothmann (born 1943) was a physician in Kiel for over 35 years. In his native city Bremen, he received piano lessons, organ lessons, compositional lessons and improvisational lessons. Today he is retired in his profession. In addition to his work as a carillonneur, he is also a choir director and a conductor of two amateur orchestras.

Carl Van Eyndhoven

Hi everyone.
Together with the French jazz-manouche group 'Minor Sing', I recorded a CD in Prague on the mobile carillon of Petr Manouseck.
'Hot Club de France' repertoire... The CD, titled DJANGO BELLS, will be released in September.

Carl Van Eyndhoven (°1959) graduated in organ and music pedagogy at the Lemmensinstituut, Leuven and carillon at the Netherlands Carillon School. He has a Ph.D. in seventeenth-century carillon performance practice from Leuven University and is Dean at the Faculty of the Arts (LUCA School of Arts - KU Leuven). From 2000 to 2012 he was president of the Vlaamse Beiaard Vereniging (Flemish Carillon Association). He plays the carillons of Mol (B) and Tilburg (NL). He is currently president of the Béla Bartók Archives of Belgium and Resonant (Centre for Flemish Musical Heritage). He is renowned for his jazz improvisations on carillon and played concerts in Japan, Denmark, U.S.A., Ireland, Spain, Poland, Germany etc.

Francesc LLOP i BAYO

Anthropologist and bellringer
Member of the guild "Campaners de la Catedral de València"
Webmaster of
Co-director of the restauration of the bells of the Cathedrals of Sevilla, Murcia, Pamplona, Huesca, El Pilar de Zaragoza, Santiago de Compostela, València among others.
Author of the inventory of bells of the 95 Cathedrals in Spain

LLOP I BAYO, Francesc
Margriet Van Dijk - Meijer

Wife of Dick van Dijk. I look forward to see friends and also Barcelona again.

Dick van Dijk

Freelance carilloneur in the Netherlands. Member of the board of the Utrechtse Klokkenspel Vereniging and a member of the Utrechts Klokkenluiders Gilde. Als boardmember of Utrecht Orgelland, Stichting Concerten Grote Kerk and the Stichting Klinkend Erfgoed Nederland.

Studied in Amersfoort (graduated in 1987) and Mechelen (graduated in 2014) Organist in the Torenpleinchurch (Old Willibrord) of Vleuten and the St. Janschurch Wijk bij Duurstede. passion is to make music to make people happy.

Thomas Chardome

Country : Belgium. Brave supporter and patient helper of my wife, carillonneur Audrey Dye. Looking forward to spectacular new discoveries in Barcelona and meeting old and new friends from the carillon world !

Audrey Dye

I was born in France where I first discovered and learn to play the carillon. I carried on my studies and was honored to attend the Royal School of Carillon of Mechelen and get my diploma. I am now City-Carillonneur in Waver and Mons (Belgium) and carillon teacher at the City School of Music in Waver. For several years, I have also been member of the board of the ACW,Association for safeguarding and promotion of towerclocks, bells and carillons in Wallonia (Southern, French-speaking part of Belgium). I am longing to discover the great festivities awaiting for us in Barcelona and meeting old and new friends !

DYE, Audrey

Ne pratiquant pas d'instrument de musique, j'adore la musique et suis un fervent adepte du carillon en accompagnant un maximum mon épouse, Francine Berte.

Par contre, après le premier achat de l'ancien carillon de Melle Elisabeth Duwelz de Mons que j'ai restauré en l'améliorant (il est d\'ailleurs parti chez Marie Madeleine à Verviers), j'ai décidé de créer moi-même un clavier d'étude pour carillon.

J'adore travailler le bois, je suis un vrai bricoleur et j'ai trouvé un vrai challenge à réaliser cet instrument qui, je l'espère, sera fini d'ici un à deux ans. I will be happy to see again all the participants of the WFC of Belgium in 2014.

Francine BERTE

Après avoir suivi les cours de carillon à l'académie de Musique de Soignies pendant 8 ans, je me perfectionne maintenant à l'Ecole Royale "Jef Denyn" à Malines.
Je joue régulièrement le mardi matin, jour du marché, au carillon de Soignies. My husband is my best supporter. I never visited Barcelona and it will be a real pleasure to meet again the carillonneurs who came in Brugge in 2014.

See you later

BERTE, Francine
Patrice Poliart

Carillonneur à Soignies sur un carillon en F, Petit et Fritsen de 1964, carillonneur à Enghien sur un carillon en F de G Duméry de 1750, carillonneur à Mons sur un carillon de 1673 pesant 25 tonnes de plusieurs fondeurs et de différentes époques. Je joue toutes sortes de musiques y compris de la musique folklorique celtique écrite pour accordéon diatonique, Je joue aussi les compositions de mon frère, directeur de l'académie de musique de Soignies, à la retraite.

J'organise une saison de carillon à Soignies sur un carillon qui a bénéficié récemment de deux campagnes de restauration financées par la Région Wallonne. Soucieux de la relève, j'ai initié en 2000,une classe de carillon à l'académie de musique de Soignies (Belgique).

POLIART, Patrice
Marie Christine Delmoitiez

Après un cursus complet en guitare classique et en flûte traversière dans ma jeunesse c'est tout naturellement que je fus contaminée par la passion de mon mari, Patrice Poliart.
A force de l'accompagner dans les tours et beffrois de Belgique (Flandre et Wallonie) et du Nord de la France j'ai eu envie de m'inscrire, il y a 6 ans, à l'académie de musique de Soignies dans la classe de carillon de Madame Véronique Lontie.

DELMOITIEZ, Marie Christine

Serge Joris is co-founder and current president of the Association Campanaire Wallonne (ACW), the campanological association of Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium. The scope of that association - set up in 1994 - is to safeguard and to promote the campanological patrimony of that region (bells, carillons and tower clockworks).

Serge is member of the Executive Committee of the World Carillon Federation, vice president of the Belgian Carillon Heritage Committee and editor of the Bulletin Campanaire, the quarterly publication of the ACW.

He plays the carillon at Gembloux (Province of Namur, Belgium).

JORIS, Serge
Ulrich Seidel

President of Deutsche Glockenspielvereinigung (German Carillon Association).
Carillonneur at St. Bartholomew, Erfurt, Germany.
After three years in Mechelen, I'm currently learning to play carillon in Logumkloster(Denmarks).
Motto: Not the number of bells is decisive. More important is that the carillon plays!

SEIDEL, Ulrich
Frances Newell

I played a beautiful 2-octave carillon in Rumson, New Jersey for 10 years.I now play a 4-octave carillon in Clearwater, Florida, USA.
My original carillon compositions and my arrangements of a wide variety of works are published by GCNA, ACME, and others. I play 12-string guitar, often with handbell choirs.
I started as a folk singer ,then sang opera in USA and Europe. I composed an oratorio, an operetta, and 2 symphonies, most have been performed.
My original oratorio, "Soul's Believing", is published by Fenwick Parva Press. I have combined carillon with singing successfully and want to develop carillon-singing compositions, arrangements, and performances.
When I combined carillon with singing, it drew the whole community together around my carillon like never before!

NEWELL, Frances
Blai Ciurana Abellí

I am Blai, a piano and bells student. I’m from Fornells de la Selva, a village near Girona. In 2011 I started an inventory of the bells of the province of Girona. By now I have catalogued around 300 bells. I’m very pleased to celebrate the world carillon congress in Catalonia.

Gerda Peters

Gerda Peters.
Born and bred in the centre of Haarlem, Gerda Peters has been brought up surrounded by the sound of organ music and carillon. At the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam she was taught the organ and also followed a course in church music. In 1991 she successfully completed both courses. Later, in 1998 Gerda also passed her state exams for the piano. In 2008 she attained her Master of Music diploma in carillon from the Dutch Carillon School (Nederlandse Beiaardschool NBS) in Amersfoort, part of the music faculty of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht (The Utrecht University of the Arts). Gerda Peters is the regular organist at the St. Pancratius church in Sassenheim. Along side her church music activities she also gives private lessons in the Bollenstreek, she is city carilloneur of Almere, Beverwijk and Voorburg. She performs concerts throughout the Netherlands and abroad. She forms a duo with Sarina Brouwer (Saxophone).

Diane Widmann

Country: USA Carillon (and Carillonneur) fan and audience member, who enjoys seeing new things, and hearing new music.
Diane is the wife of John Widmann, Carillonneur from Frederick, Maryland, and she looks forward to experiencing Portugal, Catalonia and nearby Perpignan for the first time along with John.
She also looks forward to seeing her international carillon friends again, as she attended the wonderful congress in Antwerp and Bruges three years ago.

John Widmann

Country: USA City Carillonneur for the City of Frederick, Maryland Also employed as a public school Elementary classroom music teacher, and as a freelance organist Carillonneur member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America (1996 - Cohasset, MA) Guest artist at many locations, having played many concerts in the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, England, the Netherlands Antilles and Canada.

I believe that in our performances we need to speak to the audience through our music. To effectively do that, we must know who our audience is.

Koen Van Assche

- Country: BELGIUM
- President of the Flemish Carillon Guild (VBV)
- Vice-President of the World Carillon Federation
- Organizer of the WCF-congress 2014 (part Antwerp)
- Co-carillonneur of Antwerp, City-carillonneur of Lier, Turnhout and Herentals
- Carillon teacher at Royal Carillon School of Mechelen
- Carillon teacher at the Academies of Lier and Antwerp (Borgerhout)
- Together with Anna Maria Reverté: owner of a mobile carillon (
- Believer of AND-AND promotion of the carillon, which means maximum use of the carillon in the tower (wide variety of repertoire, special concerts on special occasions, etc), AND also concerts with mobile carillon in combination with other instruments. The comment, mostly given after concerts with the Bronzen Piano: "we did not know the carillon was a musical instrument". It seems that those listeners always hear the carillon in the city, but they have never listened to it before.

Idea for the future: getting much more people to learn to play the carillon, with even more profound education for professionals.

The greater the enthusiasm (with more people), the more voices can be heard promoting the carillon.

The larger the group of students, the more chance there is to discover even more talent.

My passion: playing as well as teaching


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