The Confraria de Campaners i Carillonistes de Catalunya (CCCC) is a non-profit organization which aims, for almost 25 years now, to bring all bell ringers and carillonists together from the region of Catalonia. Their goal is to protect, recover and promote the cultural, spiritual and musical bell landscape, as well as to preserve the uses, customs and particular peals of Catalonia. The board of the CCCC consists of elected members with representatives from all over the region.

Likewise, the CCCC promotes friendship between its members, facilitates mutual bell ringers cooperation and allows to generate a collective consciousness, sharing hopes and aspirations.

Although the CCCC is a modest organization in terms of available resources, it makes an enormous effort to develop various activities, which include the publication of the magazine “El Batall”, several events in different places, and the traditional meetings in the village of Os de Balaguer.

The CCCC also has an international scope, and in this sense, it is federated in the World Carillon Federation and is organizing this year’s World Carillon Congress (Barcelona, 2017).

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